Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rona Ambrose is Canada's Sexiest Politician


The first time I laid eyes on this brunette beauty, I was mesmerized. Rona Ambrose is the most beautiful politican in Canada without exception. Brainy, witty and articulate, this drop-dead gorgeous lady and Conservative MP is Canada's new Environment Minister. When I was a young lad growing up I would dream of meeting Baywatch's Yasmeen Bleeth. Yes, we all wish were the milkman standing beside her in that Got Milk? advertisement. Strikingly similar, Rona possesses many of Yasmeen Bleeth's features, both physically and in terms of her radiance and confidence in front of the media. The fact that she is also articulate and tenacious in her attacks during Parliament is a bonus for those of us who crave the blend of beauty and politics.
Rona also speaks for a growing breed of young, articulate Conservative women in this country. She was sharp in her criticism towards former Liberal Minister Ken Dryden who proposed a lavish day care program. Ambrose fired back in Parliament and criticized him for his arrogance in assuming that "old white men" knew what was best for women and their plans to raise children. Ambrose argued that parents should have their choice of sending their children to daycare or looking after them at home. Regardless of what your position is on this one (I'm somewhere in between), you have to give Ambrose top marks for standing up against the status quo and speaking out from a young woman's perspective.

No doubt, Canadians will be seeing more of Rona Ambrose in her new role as Environment Minister. I hope she continues to take a stand for what she believes in over partisan interests. I hope this includes a comprehensive environmental strategy which includes tax credits for companies who use alternative sources of fuel. She may want to follow Gov. Scwarzenegger's lead by implmenting some of his initatives in California.

With her combination of beauty and intellect, I am confident Rona Ambrose will be a fine environment minister. If she does well in this position, there are great things ahead for this brainy brunette. Go Rona Go!